Arttaichi Assi Ben-Port Paintings inspired by Tai Chi Movement Espanol

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tai chi movement paintings

about the paintings

This site contains paintings and brush drawings showing movements and postures of the Tai Chi form. It is addressed not only to those who study and practice Tai Chi Chuan, but also to the contemplative spirit of everyone.

The artist is trying to transfer his understanding and feel of the Tai Chi movement and posture onto a paper or canvas and dissolve the divide between the practice of Tai Chi form and the practice of painting.

In each picture there is an attempt to convey the essential essence of a particular posture. Each movement is a fusion, a merging of the bodily, the psychic, and the mental dimensions.

The name of each posture has a pictorial character. It provides a description and functions as a symbol. Some of the names evoke the movement of animals. The unbiased observation of the animal kingdom informed the development of Chinese Yoga and Martial Arts and greatly influenced the shape of the movement. The Taoist masters of the past believed that through observing all natural phenomena, they could understand the essential patterns of energy in the world.

The artist feels - when his pictures have taken form and his Tai Chi practice of postures and movements has taken on an added depth - an inner harmony and joy at a story having been told

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