Arttaichi Assi Ben-Port Paintings inspired by Tai Chi Movement Espanol

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tai chi movement-crane

Artist's biography

Assi Ben Porat was born in Israel in 1955. During the years 1976-1984 he resided in London, England where he studied Brush Drawing (1976-1977).
He graduated from Croydon Collage of Art (1977-1980) and received a Tai Chi Chuan teaching certificate from the British Tai Chi Chuan Association where he studied under the master John Kells (1978-1984).

During 1986-1995 he studied I Ching and Meditation, originating from China, under the tutelage of Yudith Partos.

In 1996 he published a Hebrew version (co-translated with Miranda Kaniuk and Ruth Sarig) of: "The Essence of Tai Chi Chuan, the Literary Tradition" rendered from the English translation by Lo, Inn, Foe and Amaker. Some of his brush drawings appear in the book.

Upon returning to Israel (1984) he opened a Tai Chi School where he continues to teach.

In 2004, in an one-artist show, much of Assi Ben - Porat`s Tai Chi inspiered work was exhibited at the Amalia Arbel Gallery in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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